“Whenever someone tells you they are practicing “sustainable” business,                 ask what they would be doing differently if it was just ‘business’.”

George Monbiot, writer & columnist

This page provides a number of tools to help sustainability professionals in their jobs. The rest of you will probably be bored to death!

Sustainability management and reporting tools:

Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions measurement and reporting

The following tools can be used to measure your carbon emissions:

Water measurement and risk assessment

  • WRI’s Aqueduct: location-specific maps of water risk today and projections for the future
  • WBCSD’s Global Water Tool: map water use and assess risks
  • WWF’s Water Risk Filter: A risk-metric tool about water scarcity
  • GEMI’s Local Water Tool: create step-by-step guides for investigating water risks, impacts, and management plans at specific sites
  • WFN’s Water Footprint Assessment Tool: assists in water footprint quantification, sustainability assessment, and response formulation
  • Ceres’ Aqua Gauge: assess, score, and compare water management practices
  • CEO Water Mandate’s Corporate Water Risk Disclosure Guidelines: A set of guidelines designed to help advance a common approach to corporate water disclosure

Water reporting

Sustainable sourcing


Responsible palm oil

Socio-economic impacts

Sustainability rankings

Sector-specific tools:





  • US EPA’s Smart Way helps businesses move freight in the cleanest most fuel-efficient ways possible