The Green Hub is edited by Nicolas Desolino.

Nicolas has a unique mix of skills and experience from the sustainability, hospitality and accounting sectors. As a sustainability consultant at KPMG, an accounting firm in the UK, he manages the delivery of complex, international sustainability assurance and advisory engagements for clients in various sectors. He’s also worked tirelessly to help ensure that KPMG “walks the talk” by implementing waste reduction and water and energy conservation initiatives within the company.

Nicolas joined the board of Sustainable Travel International, a non-profit organization dedicated to sustainable tourism, in 2014 and currently serves as Treasurer. Not surprisingly, he is interested in the organization’s work around helping companies and destinations measure the impact of their sustainability initiatives. 

Nicolas is a practical idealist who, like American writer E.B. White, “arises in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world, which makes it hard to plan the day…”

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